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Breakthrough Treatments for Join Pain Relief, Cellular Regeneration, Weight Loss & Longevity.
Regenerative Treatments in Rome and Augusta, GA
As part of each patient’s personalized treatment plan, The Joint Regeneration Group offers the most cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies. Regenerative therapies take a different approach than simply hiding pain by reducing symptoms with pain medicines. We use the term “regenerative” to describe techniques that can repair and restore damaged tissues in the body. Rather than simply suppressing pain with a “band aid” approach, the operations at our Atlanta regenerative medicine center address the true underlying cause of the injury.

While medications, such as opiods, have a place in pain relief, they come with a number of drawbacks, including tolerance, addiction, and constipation. Steroid injections do not cure anything and may even worsen joint degeneration. That is the polar opposite of what we are attempting to achieve.
Regenerative Care Near Me
Our team at the Joint Regeneration Group is passionate about helping patients reduce or eliminate knee pain and other symptoms of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease, as well as aging symptoms in other majors joints and muscle groups.

Many patients have been led to believe that no long-term solutions exists for reducing the symptoms of these conditions without the use of surgery, prescription drugs, and long recovery times.

Our team is here to say that this is not the case!
Regenerative care, also called regenerative medicine, comprises of an array of treatment options that aim to restore lost tissues and lubrication in the joints, as well as tissues in other major areas of the body. In doing so, these treatment methods can be effective in reducing pain, stiffness, and soreness in different muscle groups and major joints in the body.

Regenerative care for joints include our Proven and Patented Knee Pain Protocol, which happens to be covered by Medicare and many commercial insurances! The Joint Regeneration team also provides similar treatments for elbows, hips, the back, the neck, other major joints, and major muscle groups in the body. 
Have you tried countless traditional treatments for muscle and joint pain only to experience little to no results? Have you tried treatments that are effective for a short period of time, only for your symptoms to return? The team at Joint Regeneration Group is here to help! Come in and speak with our team today if you’d like to learn more about the effective, proven  regenerative solutions that our team offers, and take the first step towards a life free of knee, joint, and muscle pain.
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