Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol
The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™
What would you do if the pain was gone?
Osteoarthritis & Knee Pain Relief Near Me
If you’re wondering whether our unique protocols really work, read a few testimonials, consider your options and give us a call. Your initial consultation is risk free — and we will tell you if your insurance benefits will cover treatment prior to starting. Our team will make sure you get the most effective treatment to make sure your chronic pain is taken care of! We will maximize your benefits and get you out of pain.

Our qualified medical professionals will identify the best method for you to end your agony. We will address the underlying problems causing your knee discomfort and develop a strategy to end your pain permanently. We are happy to serve the areas of Beverly Hills, Flint, Dearborn Heights, and Shelby Township!
Do your knees hurt?
Are you tired of experiencing knee pain when you stand up, sit down or walk? 

Do you start looking for a place to sit down when you’re out and about? 

Have you reduced or stopped activities you used to do with ease?

We’d love to help you avoid surgery with the Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol (AARP Program), used to treat knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis.
Our aim is to treat knee pain without invasive surgery or drawn-out recovery. Our treatment plans are based on the most latest medical research and have FDA approval.

Most people will endure knee discomfort at some point in their lives. Your knees support you greatly every single day, whether you are developing or beginning to age.

Your daily activities will undoubtedly be negatively impacted by knee discomfort, which is why it is so crucial to try to treat the pain as soon as it manifests.
Here’s what makes our protocol more effective
Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol (AARP Program)
Guided Imagery + All-Natural Injection + Brace + Physical Therapy = Success.
Our protocol uses an all natural substance that is injected into the joint space of the knee. It is a nonsurgical procedure that supplements the lost lubrication found in your joints. This is also known as  viscosupplementation. This is a great solution for you if you have found little to no relief from pain killers, medications, therapeutic exercise or even surgical interventions.
We do it right. We do it better. We know because our patients report remarkable results. Through this five-week protocol, you are weeks away from knee pain relief without surgery!
We’ll Ensure 100% Accuracy
The equipment we use is considered to be breakthrough technology called fluroscopy. This is a mobile x-ray machine that allows the health care provider and the patient to see the joint through live imaging as the minimally invasive injection is administered. This guided imagery helps confirm the injection placement, ensuring 100% accuracy. 
Without the use of fluroscopy, there is no guarantee that the injection will be administered correctly, which could make the whole procedure useless and ineffective. We want to ensure that our patients get the best results possible by taking this extra yet necessary step. 
Let's Take the Load Off
With the use of an offloading knee brace, we see patients meet levels of knee pain relief quicker and more effectively. 
In order for the injection within the joint to do its job, the joint should remain separated. Our patients are custom-fitted with a weight-bearing, offloading knee brace that helps increase the joint space and provide relief in combination with the injections. We advise our patients to wear the brace for 3 hours post-injections and with any strenuous activity. This brace is typically covered by most insurance plans.
You’ll be stronger
We’ll help you feel better so you can move! The final piece of this protocol is Physical Therapy. This allows our patients to strengthen their joints and surrounding muscles. The physical therapy combined with the injections themselves and an offloading knee brace will help alleviate your pain and get you feeling like your best again.
You’ll be s
o glad that you didn’t opt for surgery!
Insurances Accepted
Our office accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. We are in network with Medicare, BlueCross BlueShield, Blue Care Network, PriorityHealth, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, HAP, AARP, Aetna, Meridian and more!

In many cases, Medicare along with a supplemental insurance plan will cover 100% of the cost for your treatment. Call us today to find out if your insurance plan is accepted! We will always let you know if you are covered for the treatment before you begin.
A Proven and Effective Solution to Knee Pain
Our team at the Joint Regeneration Group is proud to offer our groundbreaking, non-surgical protocol for knee pain that does not require surgery, steroids, long recovery times, or any prescription medications. Our clinic provides non-surgical alternatives to address knee pain at its source, and we’ve helped thousands of people avoid the risks of knee replacement surgery by assisting them in getting out of pain and returning to a more active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide knee pain relief without the need for invasive surgery or rehabilitation. Our treatment plans are FDA-approved and based on the most recent advances in medical research.
This solution is currently providing patients with real, lasting relief to knee pain, stiffness, and other symptoms of degeneration joint disease and knee pain through non-invasive means, all while covered by Medicare and many commercial insurances! While many pain management teams focus on addressing the symptoms of these life-debilitating conditions, our team at Joint Regeneration Group is passionate about addressing the root causes of knee pain and relieving these symptoms with our non-invasive protocol.
Your Solution to Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease Symptoms
What separates our protocol from treatments offered by other teams? This difference begins with where the focus of care lies – our team is passionate about addressing the root causes of knee pain and degenerative joint disease, which are two of the most common health conditions in America today. Joint pain in the knees, as well as when located in other major joints, is typically due to lost lubrication in the joint space as well as degenerated tissue. When this lubrication is lost, this can result in moderate to severe pain that interferes with virtually every aspect of life – walking and general mobility, driving and independence, exercise, playing with grandkids, and many other activities. This treatment protocol gets to the source of the problem by replacing the lost lubrication in the knees that can deplete as we age. One of the best parts of our proven and patented solution is that there is no down time or recovery time required! Individual injection appoints take as little as 15 minutes, and most patients find the treatment process to be extremely convenient and in line with their daily scheduled. 

A common myth that many knee pain suffers believe is that there is no true “cure” for knee pain, and that surgeries are the only true “solution” to knee pain. We’re hear to say that this is not the case! The main fact that this assumption and myth avoids is that every case of knee pain and every set of knees is different – some patients have more severely degenerated knees, while some patients only suffer from mild degeneration. Our non-surgical, proven treatment solution is effective in over 90% of cases in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease in the knees, and most of our patients will have some or all of their treatment costs covered by Medicare and many different commercial insurances. 
All qualified candidates are welcome to come in and meet with our team for a fully risk-free and no-obligation consultation! 
Am I A Candidate?
Anyone who is suffering from degenerative joint disease symptoms, namely chronic knee pain, may be a candidate for the breakthrough knee pain treatment protocol that we offer. Exceptions to this would be those who have had both of their knees fully replaced or those whose knees are too severely damaged or degenerated for regenerative treatments such as ours to be effective.

However, in the vast majority of cases seen by our team, we are able to leverage this protocol affectively and are able to achieve tremendous results for the patients that we see! Our team at Joint Regeneration Group understands that every case of knee pain is different – that’s why we welcome any and all interested candidates to come in and sit down with our team members for a complimentary knee joint exam and consultation regarding this treatment protocol. This visit allows you to know whether or not you are a candidate for this treatment protocol, and whether or not this solution would be effective for you. 

In the event that our non-surgical protocol isn’t the best solution for you, our team also offers other cutting-edge and effective solutions that can help you achieve lasting results from chronic knee pain. The first step is always to come in and see our team, and we can examine your knee joints to see what the best possible treatment solution for you is. 
Examining Your Own Case
Every case of knee pain is different. Some patients suffer specifically from osteoarthritis, whereas other patients suffer from degenerative joint disease or a varying level of either of these two conditions. Our team at Joint Regeneration Group is dedicated to individualized care and helping patients find the best possible treatment solution for their own case of knee pain, while offering patients a fully personalized treatment experienced. The initial consultation process is all about the patient – we take this time to examine your knees and joints and determine which non-surgical knee pain solution is best for you. That being said, the vast majority of patients that we see will end up being treated through our Proven and Patented Non-Surgical Protocol. 

We would like to invite you to come in and meet with our team at Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging to see if our patented solution is the best treatment method for you! Speak with our team today or send us an Appointment Request to claim your no-cost and no-obligation consultation, and take the first step towards a life free of debilitating knee pain.