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Our team at Joint Regeneration group takes a unique and innovative approach to pain management. We make a point of addressing the core causes of muscle and joint pain, as opposed to simply addressing the symptoms. Our doctors’ pain management strategies are designed to pinpoint the source of the pain and then treat it with non-surgical methods. We’ve created clinically proven treatment programs that may be customized for each patient based on their pain severity and treatment progress. To relieve pain, our pain management care program employs a number of technologies, natural supplementary injections, nerve block injections, and physical therapy procedures. We are committed to setting the standard for pain management at our offices and are always on the cutting edge of medical advancements in order to provide the best possible care to our patients.

We leverage today’s most advanced technologies and treatment protocols in order to help patients achieve long-lasting relief from osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease symptoms in the knees, as well as these symptoms in other major joints in the body. We also help patients achieve lasting relief from muscle pain and muscle strain symptoms that can occur due to aging, years’ worth of strain and stress, as other factors. Given that muscle and joint pain progresses over time, it’s important to begin addressing these conditions as soon as they begin to affect your general mobility and ability to take part in daily activities.

While many patients believe that relief from joint and muscle pain must involve surgery or prescription medications in order to be effective and long lasting, the team at Joint Regeneration an Anti-Aging is here to say that this is not the case. We leverage non-surgical treatment solutions such as the newest and most effective version of viscosupplementation, PRP (platelet-rich-plasma), and other non-surgical solutions that allow our team to relieve patients of these symptoms with 90% success. 
Speak with our team today to book a completely risk-free and no-obligation consultation, and find out if our non-surgical pain management solutions are the best solution for you. 

Anyone who is currently suffering from clinical knee pain or muscle pain is a candidate for our non-surgical treatment protocols. It should be noted, however, that these treatment protocols are meant to address clinical, chronic knee pain and muscle pain as opposed to acute muscle and joint pain. Minor joint and muscle injuries, strains, and other occurrences can cause acute joint or muscle pain that lasts for days to weeks, but this is not considered to be clinical or chronic muscle or joint pain. If you have been experiencing these symptoms in the knees, elbows, back, neck, or other areas of the body, you may be a candidate for our non-surgical treatment protocols.

Our team at Joint Regeneration Group is passionate about helping patients identify the best possible treatment solutions that will meet their own individual needs and treatment requirements. The first step is always coming in and seeing our team for a no-cost and no-obligation consultation, where our team will assess your knees, other major joints, and muscles to determine the best treatment cost for you. Call us today to learn if you’re a candidate!